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Tooth Crown Eugene OR

Rendering of jaw with dental crown from Higbee Family Dentistry in Eugene, OR.
Sometimes, when patients have teeth that are chipped, have fractures in them, or have been badly eroded, crowns are relied upon as a viable solution to help the patient save their tooth.

Crowns are small cap-like appliances that are put on top of a badly damaged or eroded tooth which can alleviate the associated symptoms and improve lost functionality. When patients have tooth pain, they tend to chew differently to try and alleviate the pain. This can cause jaw misalignment problems.

From an oral health perspective, we will always try to save the patient’s natural tooth. Surprisingly, this is even if the tooth has multiple fillings or significant damage. Crowns can restore functionality so the patient does not develop additional oral health issues.

When a patient does not have proper functionality, it can put a strain on the TMJ joint.

Patients who suspect they might need a crown should come into our office to let us do an evaluation to find out if it is the right solution.

At Higbee Family Dentistry, we offer some of the best dental crowns in Eugene OR.

Benefits of Crowns

When patients lose adult teeth from widespread tooth decay or periodontal disease it is important to see a dentist to replace the damaged teeth. Crowns can help to fortify weakened teeth compromised by disease and decay.

Crowns are typically used in conjunction with root canal procedures. They greatly improve the healing process and help to stabilize the tooth. They can also be used to replace an extracted tooth or to cover discolored areas of the tooth.

Dental crowns, which we described as an artificial tooth restoration that fits over the teeth, is why they are commonly referred to as caps. They can be used for a variety of purposes and are very versatile.

They provide strength to your damaged or missing natural teeth as well as improve their appearance. Crowns also replace missing teeth in bridges and implant procedures.

When Should I Get a Dental Crown?

It is always important to close the gaps in teeth or repair damaged teeth from other oral health complications. If you are experiencing any pain while eating, gaps or spaces in the teeth, or have damaged teeth, this is when you should start thinking about getting a dental crown.

What Are Crowns Made From?

The most popular option for crowns is porcelain bonded to metal. This is strong, light, and inexpensive when compared to ceramic crowns. However, porcelain is very hard-wearing and gives a good cosmetic result.

When patients have a choice, we recommend choosing porcelain. It is the most widely chosen type of crown. It offers a more natural feel to patients when they bite down. It can replace everything from the chewing surface to the gumline.

Zirconia is one of the newer materials. It is a white ceramic that is incredibly strong. It can be thinner than traditional crown materials, which means that more of the tooth structure is saved. However, it is the most expensive option.

What is Involved in the Procedure for a Dental Crown?

The process of getting a crown usually requires the tooth to be prepared in order for it to support the new cap. It takes approximately two appointments to have crowns properly placed. This involves removing any excess enamel and leaving behind an inner core that is strong enough for mounting purposes.

Also, while assessing the patient’s oral cavity, x-rays are used to check the jawbone and how much bone mass is available. If there is not adequate bone mass to properly support the crown, patients might have to get a bone graft to rebuild the tissue.

The next step is to take impressions of your mouth before sending them off to a lab where they check over everything before manufacturing your custom-fit crown. You will be fitted with a temporary crown until your new crown is delivered.

When you return to have your new crown fitted, any minor adjustments to fit are made by us, and the crown is affixed with a light-activated adhesive that bonds the crown securely in position over your tooth.

After the Procedure

Your teeth will be a bit sensitive after preparing the surfaces for fitting the crowns. That is why we install temporary crowns while you wait to have the final ones be ready.

Dental crowns serve the purpose of natural teeth, therefore, you should ensure they remain clean along with your other teeth. Practice proper oral hygiene, meaning brushing and flossing regularly. Avoid chewing hard things since they may damage the crowns. Be sure to come to our office regularly for checkups.

How Long Will a Dental Crown Last?

A dental crown is a durable and long-lasting tooth replacement procedure, but it can only last for so long. The average time you can expect it to last is around 10 years—although some can last for much longer.

The lifespan varies depending on how much stress the teeth are put under when chewing or biting food, as well as what habits you have such as grinding your teeth, crunching ice cubes, or biting your fingernails. Any habits such as these can damage your crowns; you will have to curb these habits if you want to get the most wear from your crowns.

A dental crown does not require much maintenance, but the natural tooth underneath should be cared for as much as the others. You should treat them as you would your own teeth. Brush and floss twice daily—every morning and night.

It is important that you are thorough in your oral cleaning regime, making sure that you keep your mouth clean to avoid bacteria collecting underneath the crown that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Any underlying problems to your natural tooth and gums can compromise your crown, which may cause you to lose it.

Schedule a Tooth Crown Appointment Today!

Find out more about dental crowns at Higbee Family Dentistry. Our Eugene dental team will be delighted to assist you. Schedule an appointment by calling our office at (541) 342-1187.

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Tooth Crown Eugene OR
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