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Preventive Dentistry Eugene OR

Little boy learning to brush teeth at Higbee Family Dentistry in Eugene, OR.Preventive dentistry is the implementation of certain practices that keep your teeth healthy and maintain good oral health. It involves regular dental cleanings, daily brushing, and other dental check-ups that avoid the development of gum diseases, cavities, and enamel wear and tear.

Preventive dentistry has a few standard services, including teeth cleaning, oral dental check-ups every six months, and routine x-rays. Maintaining good oral health is a lifetime responsibility.

The American Dental Association recommends regular dental visits to diagnose any underlying problems or diseases early, leading to stronger, cleaner, and whiter teeth.

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Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exam

During a teeth cleaning and dental exam, a team of dental professionals examines your mouth and throat for signs of cavities, loose fillings, gum diseases, and oral cancer. A dental hygienist scrapes and cleans plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is a simple, non-invasive, painless, and effective process that can benefit oral health.

Teeth cleaning starts with a physical examination of the mouth, checking around teeth and gums for any signs of concerns like gingivitis. The dental hygienist will use a scaler which is then used to remove plaque and tartar between the teeth and the gum line.

After that, the hygienist brushes your teeth using a high-powered electric brush with gritty toothpaste. This teeth polishing is a safe method to scrub and clean your teeth.

Then comes flossing, which, when done by professional hands, can remove excess plaque and tartar and clean deep and hard-to-reach areas between your teeth.

Dental Exam

Dental exams are essential for detecting oral health problems that can become painful and serious if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

Dental exams detect gum diseases, tooth decay, and oral cancer. Swollen, bleeding gums, and tooth development problems in children require frequent visits to the dentist. The dental exam begins after a dental cleaning performed by a hygienist, and then the dentist checks your x-rays for potential problems.

The dentist checks the gums and teeth for tooth decay or diseases like gingivitis or periodontitis, feels under the jaw, and examines the inside of your cheeks, tongue, and roof and floor of the mouth for signs of oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening

An oral cancer screening examines and identifies any signs of cancerous or precancerous lesions in your mouth. Even though regular screenings are not proven to save lives from oral cancer, early detection can discover cancer at its initial stage when there are high chances for a cure.

Medical organizations agree that people at risk of oral cancer, like those who use tobacco or consume heavy amounts of alcohol, benefit from oral cancer screenings. They must talk to their dentists to determine which tests are suitable for them.

Dentists check the insides of the mouth for mouth sores or any red or white patches that indicate cancerous lesions. The dentist also feels the tissues in your neck, throat, and mouth for abnormalities or lumps.

Additional tests included in oral cancer screening are:

Oral Screening Dye

The dentist asks the patient to rinse their mouth with a special blue dye. Abnormal cells in the mouth take up this dye and appear blue.

Oral Screening Light

A special light makes the healthy tissue in the mouth appear dark, and the abnormal tissues look white.

Periodontal Care

Periodontitis is a gum infection that damages the gums, soft tissues, and the bone surrounding and supporting teeth. It is a chronic inflammatory condition that can lead to tooth loss if not treated promptly.

Periodontitis is preventable; a dentist may detect its early signs through a routine check-up. Dentists probe the pockets in your gums for signs of this gum disease and may refer you to a periodontist for dental x-rays and further treatment.

Bacterial microorganisms cause periodontitis, and the dentist will recommend cleaning your teeth and gums for bacterial removal. Professional dental cleanings, antibiotics use, and regular check-ups are preventive measures to prevent or eliminate this disease.

Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Mouth guards protect teeth from grinding or injury, especially during sports. Those children and adults who grind their teeth while sleeping should wear a bite splint to prevent tooth damage.

A night guard is also used to treat bruxism and teeth clenching, and dentists recommend night guards to protect teeth from damage if they suspect you suffer from bruxism.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is an uncomfortable situation, and the dentist recommends various easy treatment options like losing weight, nasal allergy treatment, or quitting smoking.

Other therapies are available to manage this problem, such as continuous positive airway pressure, airway pressure devices, and certain oral appliances are successful forms of treatment. Sleep apnea correlates to dental health problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, and dry mouth, and effectively managing this problem is a preventive measure to prevent such dental disorders.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments effectively prevent tooth decay by making teeth more resistant to plaque bacteria, acid attacks, and deterioration caused by sugar intake. Depending on the oral health conditions of an individual, fluoride treatment should be done every six or 12 months.

It is a professional treatment in which a dentist or dental hygienist applies a high concentration of fluoride to the teeth. The mineral will repair weakened tooth enamel and prevent the development of cavities and harmful bacteria.

Dentistry for Children

Pediatric dentists conduct an overall dental health check-up in children and suggest preventive care like fluoride treatments, routine cleaning, and proper diet and nutrition requirements.

Dental Hygiene for Parents

Parents are required to understand proper oral health protocols for their children to grow healthy and stronger teeth free from tooth decay or gum diseases.

Parents must take their children for dental examinations every six months and monitor their teeth cleaning habits and intake of sugary foods.

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Preventive Dentistry Eugene OR
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